Find the perfect plan for your application
To get started with linkalist you need to pick your development service and then a hosting plan to go with that. The development service is typically once-off and will include some maintenance.
Development Services
If you only want to use the linkalist content services, there is no need to buy any development services. You may also develop very simple web applications yourself with the help of our documentation. But if you want us to do the work for you, you'll need to choose if you want a web application, a native application or both.
Use our content features and self-service web application development
Web Content
Web Application Build
A responsive applications that runs in mobile and desktop browsers
User Login
Interactive Content
Streaming Media
Billing and Sales
Native App Build
Application for distribution through Apple AppStore or Google Play
Geo Data
Offline Content
Media Management
Hosting Plans
All plans include online support and allow access to our iOS and Android SDKs. Integration with Google Analytics, Google Maps, Stripe payments, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is also included at all levels but you will have to ensure that your own billing arrangements are in place where this applies to third-party services.
For entrepreneurs building and demonstrating a web application, mobile app or service
1 application
1 admin account
50 users
1,000 images
50,000 records
File Storage
For entrepreneurs shipping an application or service to a small group of customers
2 applications
5 admin accounts
1,000 users
10,000 images
50,000 records
File Storage
For developers shipping an application or service at scale
Many applications
Many admin accounts
Many Users
Unlimited Images
Unlimited Records
File Storage