Making it Real
Getting linkalist to a point where it can be launched
The Startup's Online Toolkit
May 7, 2018
For a long time, I’ve had a side project. It’s a system that I use to learn, to play with and most of all to retain some control of my professional destiny. It’s been a minor obsession, an itch that needs scratching and I’ve lived with it for a while. We’ve learned languages together, re-invented ourselves, grown

This started a while ago — years ago and its sat there on my laptop and on my shared hosting site. It’s slowly gathered features and slowly gathered cobwebs and I’ve never gotten round to doing anything with it. It started out as one thing, then it became another and now it’s something completely different. A year ago, I started using it at work to test its limits. It coped.

Now and again, I daydreamed about doing something with it. But never found the time — never made the sacrifices. So tomorrow I’m making it real. I’m off to a conference to talk to strangers about it. I might make a fool of myself, I might be embarrassed, I might be wasting my time but it’s time to find out.

The key part is putting it out there, making it work for other people. If it’s useful people will use it and pay for it. If it’s not, they wont. But I’m going to find out. So if you want to have a play with the only application data store you’ll ever need, talk to me and maybe we can work together.