What is Linkalist
Building Better Apps
Building Better Apps
June 21, 2018

Linkalist is at its core a Content Management System but it goes far beyond that. We support the basic CMS operations for managing lists of data but beyond that we allow our customers to build their own applications by defining relationships between data objects and building applications around these relationships.

In addition to allowing your users to interact with your system on the web, any view in linkalist can be turned into a RESTful webservice allowing you to deliver this data to mobile clients or to other parts of your infrastructure.


We very quickly came to the realisation that while the basics of a CMS were useful in many applications, we soon an up against the limits of the model when customers wanted to define business logic. So you, can define “hooks” as webservice endpoints that linkalist will call whenever your users modify or delete data. This allows you to manipulate the data with your own logic and return the modified data to linkalist before it modifies the database records.


While linkalist can store and manage data in its own database, it also has the ability to interact with webservices that deliver lists of data in JSON or XML format. In many cases, you can link to these lists from records stored within linkalists allow you — with limitations — to treat external data in the same way as data directly stored within linkalist.

Mobile Application Data

While linkalist has been designed as a complete mobile web experience we recognise that the time will come for your customers to move onto your mobile app. Linkalist is ready for this as every list in the system is available as a RESTful API end point. You control which lists in your application can be presented this way and your users can access data though these webservices exactly as if they were using the web interface.

With our Android and iOS SDKs, we simplify this interaction allowing you to focus on developing the best possible experience for your customers. You can even integrate external webservices into linkalist and deliver their data to your customers using the linkalist SDK.

Landing Pages & Blogging

As linkalist is hosted using its own system, we found that we needed to host the landing pages for the system on the same site. Rather than tack on something like Wordpress, we felt it easier to just use the linkalist core functionality to manage the basic landing page content. The same logic applied to blogging. Basic landing page content and blogging functionality are available to all linkalist customers — allow for a seamless onboarding experience.