A Simpler Landing Page
Refining our landing page design to present a clearer message
The Startup's Online Toolkit
February 8, 2019
The linkalist landing page has been a fairly complex thing for a while and it is perhaps a little overwhelming for a first-time visitor. In particular, for a campaign page it is a little bit much. So, to build on a few recent changes we’ve cut it right back to give both us and our customers the option of a simpler initial customer experience.
The structure of our landing page is that it is built on a set of landing articles and these articles are assembled in sequence to build a landing page. However, for the cut-down version we want to have a landing page that contains a single article, built on a format we have already called “intro”. This allows for a title, subtitle and text on top of a full screen background. This keeps things nice and simple.
So with a few code changes and the addition of a new option to define the format of an article, we have got things set up so that we can use an article as a landing page. Since we’ve also now got the ability to define a subdomain URL as the location for a page we can set things up so that this landing page is driven off a subdomain.