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October 24, 2019
Here at linkalist, we are participating in an incubator as part of this process, the subject of surveys came up. Our go-to solution for surveys is SurveyMonkey which is a great product. But it has a couple of issues. Firstly, you have to go onto the paid plan to do relatively small surveys. That's cool - like everyone else, they have to pay the rent. But more seriously, the surveys aren't part of your own experience. With a bit of work, you can design your own theme to make it look like your website but everyone knows that they've been sent away to a third party site and it is all quite a bit of work.

Our Solution

Being an early stage startup that wants to do a survey with more than a hundred replies and that has access to an infinitely flexible application building system, we decided to implement a Minimum Viable Product surveying system that does what we need to do. So, after a couple of days work, we've put together the basics. We can ask as many questions as you like, receive as many responses as you like and extract results as we see fit. Well, we will once we've had enough replies to our survey to test that the analytics and extraction functions work properly. And like every feature that we need ourselves, we figure that we may as well make it available to our customers.

What's Better about Linkalist Surveys?

Firstly, we need to point out that what we've done is vastly more limited than what you can do with SurveyMonkey. If you want to get fancy with features like branching logic, I'm afraid we can't help you out yet. But for the early stage startup that needs basic surveying features, we think there is enough in there. And if there is something that you really need, get in touch and if we think your requirement is useful for other people, we'll be delighted to add it. 
But what we have done is build a surveying system that integrates with the rest of your web presence. The principle of linkalist is that not only does it provide you with the means to build your web and mobile apps, but it also provide you with all of the other pieces of your web presence - home page, landing pages, blogging, customer signups and now surveying. The great thing about this is that the design of these elements is automatically consistent with the rest of your presence and there is always a signup link on your page. In addition the end of the survey can take your customer straight to the signup page if they are interested in what you have to offer.
Finally, the best bit is that surveying is included for free with all of our packages and there are no limits. Ask as many questions as you like and receive as many responses are you like.

How Surveys fit in

The whole point of linkalist is to provide Entrepreneurs with the complete toolkit required to answer difficult questions about the technical part of their business idea. Our philosophy has always been to build these tools so that the work you do at this point in your business can become part of your final technical solution. Surveys are a key part of this solution and you should be running these before you ever start developing any form of technical solution.

Help us out

At a risk of appearing a little bit too meta, we've created a survey about surveying features and we'd like to get a few responses to start working on analysis tools.