It's the little things
Bringing a few nice features to our publishing engine
The Startup's Online Toolkit
February 4, 2019

While working on an A/B testing piece of work, I noticed an embarrassingly huge number of little snags with the publishing side of linkalist. So I figured it was time to tidy up all of the little things. I also had a couple of good suggestions from people on helpful things to implement so this was as good a time as any to sort those out.

Autoshow for Dialogs

This is quite a nice little feature. In some cases, it is desirable to put up a dialog as a campaign page is display to prompt a registration. While I personally feel this could be a little annoying, now that we have a/b testing, we are in a position to try both versions and see which does better.

While working in the general area, I also felt it worthwhile to put in an optional signup button at the bottom of each landing page article or blog post.

Sequential Page Views

Another suggestion that came in was that some people like to read blog posts in sequence. Again, not something that is particularly obvious to me but that’s the value of feedback.

When we add these features to a general tidy-up of the design and a few related tweaks, they all sum up to a nicely improved experience for the potential customer. Although we’ve added these features primarily for our own use, they are automatically available for all linkalist customers since our customers get the exact same publication engine as we do.