Our App Store Escape
Lessons learned on AppStore options
Building Better Apps
May 7, 2019
I ended up proving the old adage about never releasing on a Friday last weekend when I got a bit over-enthusiastic about getting a demo application into the iOS App Store on a Friday afternoon before a public holiday weekend. I had the app in a state where I figured it was close enough to take a test run through the App review process to see how badly I'd trip up. 

So I did the mad rush of writing copy, taking a million different screenshots and packaging everything up and got it ready for a submission by 6PM. Then I hit the trigger and started packing up for a weekend of scuba-diving. In the rush I neglected to untick the Automatic release button.
So, to my considerable surprise I checked my mail on Saturday morning and discovered the app had sailed through review and was now available for customer use even though i wasn't quite happy about a few details. The whole app was very much a Minimal Viable Product and there were one or two minor niggles that made it a little less than that.

So, it's been a bit of a mad dash today getting a second release together. This must be the first time ever that I've put an app through the App Store where it's passed when I would have preferred it to fail. This was very much an App escape rather than an App release.