Where to Start?
How to get started with your startup’s web presence using linkalist.
Building Better Apps
July 11, 2019
That first step in your startup’s online presence can be difficult. We’ve all been there and it can be daunting to have to deal with the domain registrars, designers, hosting services and developers. And it is usually crucial to get something up real fast so that you can start engaging with your customers.
This is why we’ve included a landing page in our basic package for linkalist. If you’re going to be building an online service with us, you may as well build your landing page with us and avoid having to deal with another provider. You’ll also figure out how our interface hangs together and you’ll end up with a landing page that integrates nicely with the rest of your service.

As part of our default setup, we’ll give you a linkalist subdomain of your choice so that you can get started on your landing page. We’ll set you up with our simplest landing page setup which is a simple intro page. This means that those coming to yourdomain.linkalist.io will see this landing page and can register their interest in your service.
To do this properly, you’ll need to set up your own domain or better yet, have us take care of this for you. If you choose to bring your domain to us, we’ll have some work to do to set up security but if you leave it to us, we’ll have you online with your landing page, on your domain complete with SSL security in a couple of hours.
In our next post, we’ll go through how you can go about building a more elaborate landing page that begins to tell the story of your product.
Interested in this or in finding out more about how linkalist can help you get your startup’s application online fast and at low cost? Click through to our landing page which we built with linkalist.